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February 5, 2023

February 5 brings a full moon in Leo, which allows us all to speak from the heart as well as act on our emotions from a place of self-interest.

Mercury finally ends its post-retrograde journey on the seventh, giving us a chance to clear up all the miscommunication that has occurred since the beginning of December. This is a great time to mend fences with the people we argued with during the retrograde. Don’t be too proud to make the first move and apologize. Sometimes you have to confront a situation and deal with it head-on in order to make any headway or find a resolution and make peace.

Mercury enters Aquarius a few days later, on February 11. This planetary shift allows us to start fresh with clear communication as we go through the rest of the month. Situations and relationships won’t seem so complicated when Mercury is in Aquarius, because this planetary placement gives us a chance to look at matters from a distance. Perspective is key here.

Valentine’s Day brings a passionate Sagittarius moon our way, making us all a bit wild at heart.

The sun enters Pisces on the eighteenth, giving us a chance to explore our imagination and creativity. The sun in Pisces marks a time when we can open our heart to every possibility, practice self-care, and be allowed to dream. It’s time to embrace a vision, especially during the new moon in Pisces the next day. This is a moment in which we can aim high and reach for the stars. Luckily, the entrance of Venus into Aries on February 20 gives us the energy and inspiration to turn that vision into reality

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