Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Despite the “aqua” in its name, Aquarius is actually the last air sign of the zodiac. Innovative, progressive, and shamelessly revolutionary, Aquarius is represented by the water bearer, the mystical healer who bestows water, or life, upon the land. Accordingly, Aquarius is the most humanitarian astrological sign. At the end of the day, Aquarius is dedicated to making the world a better place.

Daily Horoscope

Certain people close to you are very demanding today. They may ask you to deal with thankless tasks that use up your precious energy. Avoid spreading yourself too thin if you want to reach your goals. Usually you aren’t afraid of anything. Nothing can get in your way. From now on, take the time to think about things before you act, Aquarius. That way, your dreams will come true more quickly.

Monthly Horoscope

You are waiting for your season, i.e., Aquarius season, to start, but you have to wait for a few more days. Until then, you must work on your emotional issues as the Sun is stationed in the twelfth house with retrograde Mercury. Retrogression is infamous for its blockages and delays. Mercury indicates electronic devices and communication, so both can get affected, and that is not silly, especially when the Sun is triggering the subconscious mind. You may have to deal with your past wounds and never try to open them again. Let’s dumb the past in its grave, but you can also heal the wounds. The universe is urging improve your mental health and stay silent, learn from the past and advance after the Mercury retrogression.

The first move of 2023 is by Venus, which is a smart move, giving a lot of hope for Aquarius as Venus will be in Aquarius. Even though your emotions are going haywire, Venus is helping you set some future goals. Let it be personal or professional; please wait until Mars and Mercury move direct. Mars will end its retrogression by the twelfth and Mercury by the eighteenth. Until then, you have to prepare a plan and never hesitate to accept your mistake.

The full moon will rise in Cancer which will impact your workplace, which means you have to work hard in order to complete your projects. Please focus on perfection, as your colleagues also will focus on that. The lunation indicates completion of the projects, which means you will end a project or you will finish the discussions about the new project. Business owners among you must stay away from taking risks. Otherwise, they will have to suffer huge losses. Anything and everything, please take decisions after January eighteenth.

Horoscope 2023

Being an Aquarius, you are ruled by Saturn, and Aquarius is an air sign. You have a lot of creative ideas, and you live for the future. These futuristic ideas make you always stand out in the crowd. You will be in the control of Saturn for the major portion of this year. No matter how auspiciously it is placed, Saturn is the planet for delays and obstacles. It delays, but it never denies, so you should keep working hard this year. You can also work smartly to attain success. Saturn does not like shortcuts, so avoid your Aquarian thought process while moving through this year. Jupiter and Venus are also supportive so that the whole year will give you good things after a lot of hard work. The transit of Nodes also can add to the struggles, but the Nodes are here to support you until you reach success. You have to go a long way, so you should be physically prepared for that. The amount of hard work can put your health at risk, so you should have bad health practices.The year will have a lot of planetary retrogrades. As we know, the Sun and Moon never go retrograde, and the Nodes are always in retrogression. Other planets will be retrograding this year. Saturn and Jupiter will stay in a sign for a long time and their retrogression will take months.

Mercury will be retrograding in April, August and December. Mercury retrogression lasts for three weeks. Mercury retrograde in January started in December 2022. So, this year begins with Mercury retrograde, but it will end its retrograde in January itself. These retrogrades are not going to impact your love life, but they will impact your career. Mars will also be in retrograde when you start your year, so you should be concerned about your children and long-term ventures.Venus retrograde is not as common as it retrogrades every eighteen months. July to September of 2023 will witness a Venus retrograde. Venus is the indicator for money and love, so you can have issues with your money and love during this retrograde. So, it would be wise to leave your love life and finances intact during Mercury’s retrogression. The Nodes will change signs, and they will have a say in your personal life and ventures. The eclipses will be working with this node making your business ventures important.

Saturn, the planet of structure and discipline, is moving through the sector for personality, and you are running.This is the time for structured growth, so there will be some slowness. That may make you unhappy, but you can manage this phase. Saturn is just a delayer; it never denies anything. You need to work hard and be righteous. You are transforming as a different person. Jupiter will be majorly in the house for challenges and struggles. If you are a person who stays in a foreign location, then you should refrain from taking any risk with the law of the land. You will start learning spiritual sciences and may find a guru or a mentor in foreign lands. Physical health can bring some concerns, so focus on a good diet and rest.

Career & Money

Saturn’s impact on your personal life for the whole year will make you feel dedicated towards your work. It will cause some delay in getting the desired results from the career. You must take care of your duties with dedication. There may be certain dejections due to uncertainty. You need to remember Saturn is definitely the delayer, but it never denies anything. Great things can happen during this phase. For that, you need to prepare yourself. There will be some changes in the existing job. Your superiors will have some new inputs for you. This is a great time to learn and grow. During the month of September, when the Sun moves into the sector for a career, you will have some opportunities to move in a different direction. Arguments with colleagues and superiors also can be a part of this phase.

Being an Aquarius, Scorpio, the sign of ups and downs rules your career. That naturally brings volatility in your career. The year will start with the retrogression of Mars. Hence the first month of the year can bring some challenges. However, these would be short-lived ones. During January, you must be ready for some appraisals from your managers. From February to March, you will search for new opportunities and send resumes. That doesn’t mean you will be jobless, but this is the time to improve your self-worth. Salary changes or some freelance projects will be coming up. You may have a work-related transfer or inter-department transfer from March to May. The toughest time this year will be June and August. During this season, your colleagues will raise some doubts about your efficiency. Long trips and foreign collaborations may come up by the second half of this year. Especially from September onwards, you will have such opportunities. From July to September, Venus will be retrograding, and this would not be a great phase for long trips. December will be exceptional for forming new long-term projects. During the last month of this year, you may join a new team. Foreign collaborations and gains also will come up then.

You are an Aquarius, and it is an air sign. The air stands for intelligence in astrology. All Aquarians think they are highly intelligent, but this self-confidence can put them occasional financial damage. Due to the activation of the house of expenses, you need to go for a savings plan. Some expenses are coming up during this year. You need to work hard to make profits. Otherwise, there will be delay in desired results from the finances. There are chances for financial issues from May to June. The Sun will enter your money house during January, bringing some financial challenges. There will be expenses during that time. The solar transit through Cancer during July also indicates financial issues. Lending and borrowing will be a part of this phase. The month of January and July will have some gains as well expenses. This is a time to plan for long-term ventures. During July, the chances for lending and borrowing also exist. This period can bring some challenges. When Mercury is retrograding, you should be careful with your finances. There will be a lack of focus when you count money. Please take care of your credit and debit card transactions during this phase.

Health & Wellness

You need a lot of rest and health care this year. You may even go for alternative health and healing program. The Nodes will have a bigger say in your health as they will transit your primary houses for health. During the first half, your diet will be very important, and you should not take any risks in your food intake. During this year, you should focus more on food in fluid form. You generally have good health, but due to the influence of Saturn, you should focus more on health. Throughout the year, your ear-to-hand area will be sensitive. Saturn’s aspect on the third house will be a matter of concern. The third house will be active from March to April. During that time, the solar transit will be triggering this house. So, you should pay attention to your health. If you already have any health issues regarding your ear-to-shoulder area, then you should take precautions. Mental health also will be challenging, especially during the Mercury retrogression phases. You will have to control your finances. Otherwise, they will further cause emotional hassles. This is a good time for alternative health and healing as well. Acidity-related issues can be prominent. Diet is very important; following a natural diet will save you from most digestive issues.In December, you will try to join a yoga class or therapy sessions. The transit of Nodes will drag your focus towards the health of your family members and children. You should be kind to them. The health of siblings also will be a matter of concern.

Love & Relationship

Saturn is aspecting the house of relationships, so you should follow a truthful path in the relationship. Saturn doesn’t indicate anything connected with love or romance. It has a tough nature as it is the planet for karma and justice. You should do justice to your relationship. This is a good time to improve it. Still, the chances for arguments do exist. If you work hard in the relationship, surely progress can come up.July to September will be crucial for all the signs as the indicator of love; Venus will be in a slow-down mode. Venus rules your personal life also, so there are chances for arguments regarding your love life at home. Sun and Saturn will have a mutual influence by June, which is seen as low energy. The Sun and Saturn are arch-enemies in the zodiac; they have the biggest enmity with each other. When they have a mutual aspect, you may argue with your spouse. You may have to take the help of elders. Those people who are in a relationship must take care of it. This is a very sensitive time; try to avoid giving commitments during this phase. You can wait until Venus stops its slow-down journey. Altogether, this year will provide you with many opportunities to grow as a mature person.May, June and July will be good for singles as they will get many opportunities to meet like-minded people. August to September will not be ideal for married couples as they will have arguments. Most of the arguments will be based on finances and credibility. They should be faithful to each other to improve the relationship.

Travel Horoscope

Saturn, your ruler, will be aspecting the house of travel. You will make some plans for short and long trips, but Saturn can delay such plans. Throughout the year, you should have backup plans for travel. Mercury will be in a slow-down mode during April, August and December, the planet for travelling, which can block your travel plans. So, you should have back plans during the retrogression seasons as well. Saturn will be staying in the first house, so foreign travels are possible throughout this year but with specific difficulties. You may get some chances for long trips during March. From September to October, you will have foreign or long trips. It can be for personal or business purposes as well. Frequent flyers will be travelling less.