Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Represented by the crab, Cancer seamlessly weaves between the sea and shore representing Cancer’s ability to exist in both emotional and material realms. Cancers are highly intuitive and their psychic abilities manifest in tangible spaces. But—just like the hard-shelled crustaceans—this water sign is willing to do whatever it takes to protect itself emotionally. In order to get to know this sign, you’re going to need to establish trust!

Daily Horoscope

Even though you think of yourself as a rational person, Cancer, today your intuition is so keen that even you can’t ignore it. Rather than try to will it away, why not embrace the messages that bombard you? Give yourself this one single day to embrace the possibility that you may have some extrasensory ability. There’s no harm in trying to understand the extent of your power.

Monthly Horoscope

Welcome to the first full Moon of the year, which is occurring in your sign, Cancer. This full Moon has a lot of stories to say about your personal life and relationships. On Friday, the Moon will complete some issues you have been dealing with for a long time. This is a highly dramatic Moon, so get ready for emotional showdowns. The good news is that Mars and Mercury will be going direct on the twelfth and eighteenth, respectively, until then. You have to do so much about your personal life, relationships and health. Please do not cling to those things which are not helping you towards progress and prosperity.

On the second, smart Venus will fly into the air sign of Aquarius, so things can get serious mode as it will trigger the eighth house of transformations. This is the time to take a decision on what is helping you to grow financially and emotionally. Lending, borrowing and tax, insurance or PF-related issues can come up, but you should take all the necessary steps. You have time until the twenty-sixth to think about these and take better decisions. Please do not hold a grudge towards business or life partners because this is the right time to patch up with them.

The Sun will stay in the seventh house until the twenty-second; then, it will jump into the eighth house of finances and transformations. So, the entire month of January is important for your personal life and finances. The Sun indicates soul in astrology, so your emotions will be heightened and please do not mix your reality with emotions. Do not hesitate to shed the old skin during this year, and be strong to the core. You will be interested in astrology, the occult and another kind of healing practices, and that will surely make you strong.

Horoscope 2023

You may be a Cancer rising, Sun or the Moon; the next 365 days will be of hope and opportunities. So you should do your best. Your optimistic thoughts will add positive results to your life. Sometimes you may feel the need to grow more in personal and professional life. Your yearly horoscope will show you the positive and complex outcome of 2023. Being a Cancer native, the Moon rules you, making you very emotional. The yearly horoscope insights will help you reap the best from the opportunities and avoid complex events. The first month will be complex due to Mars and Mercury’s retrogression. However, the days will start becoming positive as you advance through the time. The energy you gain from the second half will last forever. You will be confident and practical than ever before. This is a very significant year for your business and your relationship.

Saturn and Jupiter will be the main influencers as they stay in a sign for a long time. Nodes also will bring long-term changes in your life. The Nodes will majorly impact career and foreign travel. They always transit in a retrograde mode, making you hopeful about your job. Especially the North Node will push you to be a little selfish about your career. There is nothing in being self-centered, but please ensure you make all the right moves to improve your career. The Nodes will bring new career opportunities and some changes at home also. Real estate and relocation also will be part of this year.

Mercury, the planet for communication and logical thinking, will be retrograde in January. Mercury moves in a slowdown mode every quarter, so this retrogression will continue in January 18, 2023. It will be in retrograde from April 21 to May 14 and August 23 to September 14. The last retrograde of Mercury will start on December 13. Venus, the planet for love and luxury, will move in a retrograde mode, and it is not a common transit. Venus retrogrades every eighteen months. This year Venus will start this mode from July to September. This retrograde will impact your family life and team settings too.

This year is very peculiar as all the planets will be retrograding. The Sun and Moon never retrograde, but all other planets will be in a retrograde motion. The meaning of retrograde is that you have to rethink or retrospect. You will have to see what your activities were in the past and how they affected you. It would help if you never took a risk by repeating old mistakes. Your personal life will be going through intense changes this year. Being a Cancer, you have this over thinking nature. Work and health will be your priority. You will feel like repeating the same old strategies during retrogrades, so you must make a good plan for both. You need a lot of sleep and rest. Otherwise, your physical body may need to go ahead smoothly.

Career & Money

You need to continue your efforts to make a strong career. Firstly, you need to follow logical thinking than being emotional. Being a Cancer native, you mostly think emotionally, which can block your growth. Throughout this year, Cancer natives will try hard to grow, and the universe will support you to a great extent. Especially new opportunities will be visible from March to May. During the first few months, you may be troubled about your financial matters, and this time will not be very good for business people. Business people are supposed to avoid taking a risk in the first quarter. There will be some new projects and foreign collaborations from the second quarter onwards. Saturn, the planet for Karma, will be in charge of the business projects for a long time, and you are not supposed to do any bad karma. From the second half of this year, you will get new projects and may join a new team. Those who work in the technology and finance sector will have a breakthrough in their career. July and September will be very crucial this year. You will get freelance opportunities this season, so you should take advantage of them. Salary changes and appraisals also can come up at this time. Creative energies will be high, and you can profit from that. However, Mars and Mercury will be in a slowdown, so please do not take any risks. July onwards, Venus will be in a retrogression, so you should be careful to take advantage of the freelance opportunities.

August and October will be challenging for business people, so please do not take any risks in these months. You should also avoid taking risks while Mercury is in a retrograde motion. You should improve the existing business during the retrogression phase rather than get into a new one. Inter-department transfers or general transfers can take place in August or October. From November onwards, you may feel insecure about the workplace. You must do your level best to reach perfection at work. During this time, you should control your emotions and not depend on your colleagues. Please be self-reliant, and that would be the best strategy this year. You will be able to join new groups from mid-year.

Career and finances always go hand in hand and you will be doing well this year. However, the first half of this year may not be great for financial matters, but you will do well financially by the second half. At the beginning of this year, you will have concerns regarding loans and settlements. You can also expect money from foreign collaborations by the second half. Freelancing opportunities will give you more money from July onwards. October and December will mark the chances to form new business projects. Your creative skills will provide you with new avenues during this time. However, you should be very careful with risky investments. Profits will come from April onwards. You need to take responsibility at work. You want to accomplish many things in your career and must work hard for the life. Please develop your organizational skills so that you can improve your career. Team work is very important so, you should balance your work and your team mates. Please give your best otherwise your colleagues can hype any minor mistake you make. It will be good if you take career advice from experts than your colleagues. Your career interests are in the technical sector, but you also like social work. People target vulnerable people, so it depends upon what kind of signals you emit into the public sector. Please try to be calm; that will be the best answer to your enemies. You want to get noticed through your accomplishment, and you will surely be an achiever. It is possible this year, provided you have to be very poised.

Love & Relationship

Cancerians are emotional and dependent, which makes them very moody also. The Moon rules Cancer, the fastest planet in the zodiac and it waxes and wanes. Cancer natives depend on their spouses and are easily affected by anything told or done by their spouses. Venus, the planet of love, will be retrograde from July to September, so this phase will be challenging for love life. Venus will be influencing your personal life and going through a complex stage during this time. You may have some self-doubt, but you should overcome this phase. You should not take any decision when Venus is retrograding. Those going through the divorce process must be extra careful during Venus retrogression. You need to seek guidance from your elders before making any important decisions regarding marriage.

Singles among you will get many opportunities to find like-minded people from October onwards, but you should spend enough time before you start a new relationship. As a Cancerian, you should learn to be self-reliant than depending upon someone to encourage you. 2023 cannot be seen as a great year for love, but you will overcome the stress you were going through in 2022.

The advice for married couples is you need to give some space to your spouse. You can be dependent on them but kindly avoid possessiveness. The second half of this year will be very important for married couples. Saturn, the ruler of your relationships, will start its retrogression by the mid portion of this year. Those who are going through separation or divorce will be going through stress. If they want reconciliation, use the retrogression time for such activities. Your ruler, the Moon, is the fastest planet in the zodiac, and you have frequent mood swings. These mood swings should not bring difficulties in the marital life.

Health & Wellness

Health will be better than in 2022, so you can be relaxed. You will feel better in the second half of this year. The emotional issues you were going through last year will vanish as you advance through this year. Mental health will be an important theme during this year. You should not entertain any negative people near you. Otherwise, they will bring some other reason to be annoyed. Especially in a relationship, feel free to take the right decisions. July and August will be slightly complex and your diet will be necessary then. The neck-to-shoulder area will be challenging during September. If you have any chronic illness, you should be careful during September. Such issues can resurface during this month. If you have any abdominal issues, you must take care by November. Females may have to take double care as problems regarding PCOD, PCOS, or menstrual issues can get triggered. During the Mercury retrogression, your emotional needs will increase, and you must take enough help. The health of children also will be important.