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Vedastro.co.in is a trusted online portal for online Vastu and Astrological services like Vedic
Jyotish, Numerology, Tantra Vastu, Home Vastu, Commercial Vastu and Many More consultation and remedial products. With the esteem and worthy blessing from God We also provides best solutions for various obstacles comes in personal life, professional life, social life, career also Online Pooja Services. With our Vaastu and Astrological services, we also provides best solutions for various  obstacles comes in personal life, professional life, social life and career .


Our organization was established in the year 1906 to provide high quality lab tasted certified Gems to our clients for the betterment of life also We have been providing premium Astrological and Vaastu Consultation services since from 1906.

About Our Founder

Lt.BarodaCharan Ckakraborty
Dr.Sankaracharya Chakraborty
Nilkanta Chakraborty

Lt. Brahmananda Swaswati (Baroda Charan Chakrabort)was one of the great spiritual leaders and Astrologer of India . In early stage of his life, he was an Advocate of Guwahati High Court. At the age of Fifty-Four he left his family and home to obtain the highest spiritual essence of life. In the Year 1906 he put foundation of Grahraj Tarakeswar Sevasram to serve his services to people who were in problem.

After his Passing away his youngest son Lt. Shankaracharya Chakraborty took his position. He gathered all experiences from his father and continued his journey to serving the mankind with the light of Astrology. The long journey of Shankaracharya was stopped when he died in 2004.
The journey Of serving the mankind of Grahraj Tarkeswar Sevasram has continued by Dr.Nilkanta
Chakraborty (PHD in Astrology and Science) who was older son of Lt. Shankaracharya Chakraborty. He used to practise with his father and took all knowledge of astrology and Vastu Satra. Still, he is providing his services to mankind.

Fourth generation of Astrology and Vastu has been Continued by Mr. Arindam Chakraborty who is Son of Dr. Nilkanta Chakraborty. He Comes from a knowledge and expertise background where is forefathers have been into practice since 1906. Mr. Arindam is a Vastu Astrology specialist and has learned Astrology in all forms. He uses and practices astrology as a tool to help the human society towards a better living.

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