Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Roll out the red carpet because Leo has arrived. Passionate, loyal, and infamously dramatic, Leo is represented by the lion and these spirited fire signs are the kings and queens of the celestial jungle. They’re delighted to embrace their royal status: Vivacious, theatrical, and fiery, Leos love to bask in the spotlight and celebrate… well, themselves.

Daily Horoscope

You may feel slightly bored and restless, Leo. If so, an opportunity may come your way today that shouldn’t be ignored. You may have a chance to take a trip to an exotic locale or attend a class or lecture that will open your mind to all sorts of interesting possibilities. Just because you only have one life, that doesn’t mean you can’t fit many different lives into it.

Monthly Horoscope

Mercury and Mars’s retrograde is truly challenging, but the good news is they both will turn direct in January. January is rich with multiple planetary transits, which means you are going to be very busy in January. On the second, Venus will jump into Aquarius, the Moon will rise in Cancer on the sixth, and the Sun will move into Aquarius on the twenty second. Your ruler Sun is with retrograde Mercury, which means your workplace is gaining importance. Retrograde Mercury can increase the blocks by damaging your communication and communication devices. You dislike this, but this is the month to deal with the difficulties like debts, diseases and enemies. Being the king of the zodiac, you have to deal with these, and ultimately, you will win. Health care will be the main theme of January.

On the second, Venus will move into your relationship sector, and this is a good move by Venus; this will bring balance into the love life. Being a headstrong person, you naturally do not bow down in front of any, but this Venusian transit will make you think about being a little more adjustable with your business as well as your life partner, which will be good for both parties. Please do not waste this beautiful energy; otherwise, you will lose the opportunity to patch up with your loved ones. Especially this Venus is ready to bring new profitable projects too.

Martian retrogression will end by January twelfth; until then, you will be meeting with your ex or your old pals. You need a reality check about your business plans, so you need to spend time with an expert to see whether you are moving through the right path. The right things will take some time to develop, but you should do the groundwork. After the twelfth, you will be able to set the right plans for your long-term projects. Such projects will start giving you profits later.

Horoscope 2023

The New Year comes with a lot of hope and optimism, even though the year starts with Mars and Mercury retrograde. This retrograde will end by the third week of January. From then onwards, your actual new year will begin. Until then, you are supposed to do a retrospect and make better plans. In January, your long-term relationships will gain a lot of importance as Mars is in retrogression. So, you are supposed to improve your long-term relationship, and you should keep this as your priority in January. It would not be easy, but this is your cross, and you must carry it until you solve the issues.

Mercury will be retrograde every three months every year. It will end its retrogression by January, but the next retrogression will be in April, August and November. Each Mercury retrogression will last for three weeks, and these phases will be challenging for communication, travel and electronic devices. Most of the accidents take place during the Mercury retrogression phase. Yearly retrogression will impact globally, so all of us will be going through some issues, majorly connected with communication, travel and electronic devices. You must cross-check your communication devices and have a plan B for travelling.

Venus, the planet for love and luxury, will also be moving in a retrograde this year. Venus does not move in slow down every year, but it will slow its pace every eighteen months. When Venus is in retrogression, no one is supposed to start a new love life. Venus’s retrogression would not impact if you were dating much before, but this phase can trigger arguments in the existing personal or business relationships.

Jupiter and Saturn stay in a sign for the long term, so the transit of these planets has a big role in the yearly horoscope. Due to their long stay, they will bring long-term changes in your life. They will also retrograde sometime every year; this retrogression also will be the time for delays. The transit of Nodes only happens sometimes, but you will find some karmic connection to your goals when they transit.

Other major phenomenon will be the eclipses; there are four eclipses every year, one solar and a lunar, which will be a total eclipse and the other solar and lunar eclipse will be partial. So, this year’s solar and lunar eclipses will be very important.

Career & Money

Being a Leo, you are a fiery person, and you do not like anything which comes your way. There will be important transits from March to May. The skies will be very turbulent during these months. You are heading towards a progressive year, so you must avoid clashes during these months.2023 is a very special year for those who work in counseling and spirituality. Saturn and Jupiter transit will bring multiple opportunities for such mentors. Most of the Leos will be able to improve their business. Saturn will be supporting you to improve your existing business also. Even though 2022 was not in your favor, your professional endeavors will bring results. Since Saturn is in charge, nothing will be easy, so you must work round the clock. Saturn is the planet for delays and obstacles, but the Lion inside you will work hard to keep your pride aside. Saturn delays the results, but it will never deny if you are working hard and righteous. You will indeed have some foreign collaboration this year, and there will be multiple travelling opportunities for the sake of your career. This is a good year for those who write competitive exams. Many freshers will be getting a good role in multinational companies too. Whatever you do, you should follow ethics and a code of conduct. Otherwise, you will be back in the square. You have a long way to go, so physical fitness is very important. January and December will bring clashes at the office, so you should be careful during this time. February to March will give you a new job, add-on projects and new team projects too. Jupiter’s retrogression phase, i.e., from September to December, will be challenging for your health. Being a Leo, Jupiter rules your fifth and the eighth house; among that, the eighth house is very important for your fitness. You should take extra care to be fit during this season; your career will also gain importance. Venus will be in retrogression from July to September; this is a complex phase for artists and business people. Venus, the planet for creativity and diplomacy, will bring troubles during its retrogression. Retrogression means rework, so you must be ready to work again and again on the same projects. You should only jump into projects during that time. Your financial status will be improving in August and September, but you should not take any risks with your career. Salary change or inter-department change also can come up. You will also get freelance projects, which will be a saving aspect of this year. Career-related travelling opportunities will be active throughout the year, but short travels and transfers can come in September and October. This time will be very important for technical and media professionals.

You were going through some financial crunch for the last two years, and you struggled a lot to make enough money. Business people especially struggled a lot to make a profit post Covid. The businesses are still dull, but the global share market will show positive reactions, so Leo business people should use this opportunity wisely. The first half of this year will be very turbulent as the skies try to set you free from the clutches of past action. In the beginning, Mars and Mercury will be in a slowdown. This slowdown has a long-term impact on your career as well. However, most of the past financial liabilities will resurface again, and you will be able to settle them. Leo’s horoscope for this year says you will slowly progress in your financial matter. Some long-term projects will come in the second half of this year. You have to be careful because the fifth house indicates risky ventures, and Jupiter rules it. Jupiter is also the ruler of the eighth house of volatility and financial issues. You can do business, but you need to check your horoscope, to know whether there is a promise to do business. You must be very cautious while doing business if it is not there. March and April will be good for investments and gains. May and July will be again good for getting some gains. During these months, you will be getting some ideas for new long-term projects. You can expect some changes in the earnings during August and September. Throughout this year, you have to control your spending. You will be able to make some money through freelance projects as well. A financial crunch will be coming in the first half of the year. You should have a strict budget in 2023.

Love & Relationship

Being a Leo, your love life and marriage are ruled by a dry planet Saturn, so naturally, a Leo native has a complex love life. Your sign lord Sun and the lord of the seventh house of marriage, Saturn, are arch enemies. No matter your year, you have to control your ego to have a good love life. The skies are very much supporting you during this year in romance. Even though the planet for love and romance, Venus will be in a slowdown from July to September; at the beginning of the year, Venus will be in your seventh house, and Venus truly likes to be in Aquarius. This is a relief for headstrong Lions, and you will be ready to adjust with your better half. You will not hesitate to be flexible, which will be surprising for your spouse. Your behavior will make your spouse closer to you, which will also help you grow personally. Many Leos will enter into a commitment. This plight would not be easy as your seventh house of love, and marriage is ruled by Saturn. No matter how auspiciously Saturn is placed, it must bring some obstacles. These obstacles will be visible from July to September, as Venus will be in your sign and aspecting the seventh house of relationships. You will go through relationship issues during these months, and you should leave your pride for the best. Please try to understand the needs of your partner also. Being ruled by Saturn, your spouse will mature, and they can also understand you. November and December will bring some occasions for singles to meet new people. You will get time to talk to people and know what they need from a relationship.

Health & Wellness

In astrology, the Sun is known as the king of the zodiac, and it rules only one sign: you, Leo. Being a Leo, you have robust health, but that doesn’t mean you are totally free from health issues. You have the fantastic power to stay strong and display a great attitude. The past two years were taking a toll on your health also. This year can be a beginning towards good health care, so you should not misuse your body by having junk. Virgo rules your second house of food intake, so you are very particular about your food habits. You must be very cautious about your health by having a good diet. Please take up the opinion of an expert as well. January and February will be very crucial for your health-related matters. You should refrain from consuming any junk during these months. June and July also will be sensitive to your health. By October, you will be taking up a new healthcare regime.