Vastu Shastra

Vaastu Shastra And The Art Of Creation

Vaastu is the ancient Indian science of architecture. As per various Indian texts this art of creation has started before the creation of this Universe. To build up this whole creation the param brahma used this self centered techniques to develop it. 

In modern days vastu shastra is neglected towards various region of this world. But, in ancients it was the only source to the development of any architectural structure.

As per the Shib Prana, once while lord Shiva was busy in  fighting with Andhakasura that time with his sweat a new giant had created. This giant started grasping everything in this creation. That time all deva’s ran away to Brahma for the solution to control this giant. That time brahma suggested to deva’s to pull this giant to Earth and accordingly those deva’s pulled this giant to Earth. But, after that this giant started begging to Brahma and said that he was not created by himself so what is his fault. That time brahma blessed him with a pride of honor to be a Deva, he was named as Vastu Deva.

Indian ancient texts always focused on the essence of every mythological story. As per the meaning of the word Vatu it has clear derived by two terms one is Vas which means the place of living and Tu signifies you or I here. 

Viswakarma Prakasani is the main source of modern Vastu shastra. Viswakarma Prakasani is also known as Sthapattya Veda as it means the constructional science. Ancient Indian temple, math and even also a city was decorated with the proper diagram of Vastu shastra.

Vastu specially depends on the three major scientifical law which is gravitation force, magnetic energy of north to south pole and sun power. Vastu shastra is not a fictional subject but it has the proper scientific evidence. 

We are the team of vedastro is continuously serving for the development of mankind with the help of Vastu Shastra, Astrology and many more. 

What is good vaastu for home?

The living room should be clutter free. The front or living room of your new home must be located in the east, north, or northeast, direction. Furthermore, the furniture in that room should be placed in the west or southwest direction. Doing this will ensure that your home has no Vaastu dosh.

Does Vastu Shastra actually work?

Vastu Shastra might not be a necessity to work by in your life, but it can definitely be helpful in leading a healthier and happier life. It is considered the science of the environment we live in, therefore, the energy in the space will affect how you spend your time in that environment.

What is the basis of Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra is based on the concept of scientifically combining the five basic elements – earth, water, fire, air and sky – to create a pleasant setting. Vasthu principles integrated with architecture boost health, wealth, energy and prosperity and make the living or working atmosphere serene and enlightened.

How can I improve my vastu?

Keep the television and computers in the south-east corner of the living room. 

Light up the corners with bright lights.

Hang a picture of a bright sunrise on the southern wall in the living room.

Place a bright light near the main door.

What color attracts positive energy?

Pink brings strong positive energy into your environment. Mood-lifting yellow is another color that belongs to the fire element

Which flower is good for money?

The best 12 plants for good luck and fortune are: 1) Money Tree (Pachira Aquatica), 2) Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica), 3) Snake Plant (Sanseveria Laurentii), 4) Citrus Tree, 5) Blue Singapore Orchid (Vanda Coerulea), 6) Holy Basil (Ocicum Sanctum), 7) Jade Plant (Crassula Ovata), 8) Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia), 9)Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum), 10) Money Plant (Golden Pothos – Epipremnum Aureum),11) Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Globulus) & 12) Desert Rose (Adenium Obesum).

Which corner of the house is for wealth?

As per Vastu Shastra, one of the best ways to ensure financial stability is to grow your wealth in the earth corner of the home —the south-west. All your jewelry, money and important financial documents must be kept in the south-west (store such things in a cupboard or safe), facing north or north-east.

Which face house is not good?

Can we ignore Vastu?

Vastu focuses on transforming your home into a source of positive energy thereby ensuring happiness and wealth in your life. Although it is impossible for a property to be one hundred percent in accordance with the Vastu rules, experts suggest to always ensure that the property complies with basic rules.

What should we avoid as per Vastu?

What is most important thing in vastu?

According to Vastu Shastra, the main entrance to a home is not only the entry point for the family, but also for energy. Considered as the “archway to victory and progress in life”, the main door should face north, east or in the north-east direction.


How is good luck as per Vastu?

  1. Remove Negative energy and spread positivity.
  2. Crystal tortoise for good luck.
  3. Wealth and luck with rose petals and water.
  4. Wind chimes for home.
  5. Buddha statue in the entrance.
  6. Arowana fish to build business.

Which God is good for vastu?

Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, and Surya must be kept on the east facing the west. The idols/pictures of gods that you should keep in the north facing the south direction are Kuberji, Ganeshji, and Durgaji. The idol of Lord Hanuman in mandir should always face the south direction.

Which face is good for main door?

The main door direction as per Vastu should always be to the north-east, north, east or west, as these directions are considered propitious. Avoid having the main entrance gate in south-west, south, north-west (north side) or south-east directions.

Which shape of house is best?

The two shapes which are very beneficial for you are rectangular and square shapes. It is believed that these shapes lead to long term prosperity, love and happiness..

Which direction is best for sleep?

According to ancient traditions like vastu shastra, the best direction to sleep in is toward the south. This theory is also supported by some recent research1. This means that when you lie in bed, your head is pointed south2, and your feet are pointed north.

Why is west facing house not good?

“West-facing homes get the sun’s heat for longer duration than east-facing homes. These remain hot for most part of the day. Also, the doors and windows placed in west direction get damaged faster due to heat as compared to other directions,” says Lakshmi Chauhan, an Indore-based Vastu consultant.

How do I test the energy in my house?


What brings positive energy in the house?

1. House entrance

Your home’s main entrance should be friendly to both visitors and cosmic energy. Check that the door locks work correctly and that there are no fractures in the doors. Hanging nameplates, plants, and wind chimes at the door of your property are also Vastu ideas for money. Both positive energy and financial resources enter the house through the main entryway. Make this a Vastu-compliant space. The house’s entrance should be on the north or east side. Decorate the space with religious symbols or a picture of the goddess Lakshmi. Keep your home tidy and clutter-free, especially the entryway. The construction of an elevated threshold is considered auspicious.

2. Repair any water leaks straight away

Water leaks from the bathroom, kitchen, or other locations should be repaired as soon as possible. Ignoring water leaks, no matter how minor, can result in significant financial losses and money outflow. Vastu describes the relationship between the movement of water and finances. Any type of plumbing flaw, such as a leaking faucet, signals financial loss. It is not deemed good if a tap drips in any section of the house. The house’s leaky tap is a symptom of waste and wasteful spending.

3. Eliminate Clutter

Vastu Shastra emphasises the importance of keeping your home tidy and clutter-free. Your home should be a repository for all good energy, including financial, emotional, and total well-being. You may simply attract positive energy by embracing simplicity in your living place. Every few months, you should get rid of all the unnecessary stuff in your house or business since they act as an impediment to the appropriate flow of income and happiness.

4. Add money plant

Plants in our daily life, according to Vastu experts, trigger good energy. They advise putting money plants inside the home to bring good fortune and success. Money plant removes barriers to financial progress and provides many streams of revenue. Vastu experts advise against planting them in the backyard. As a general rule, they should be cultivated indoors. Pilea Peperomioides and Jade plants, for example, assist to bring money and success into your life. These plants have lovely coin-like leaves and bear a likeness to the Jade stone.

5. Keep Your Kitchen Clean

 It is stated that a clean kitchen attracts money. Always keep your refrigerator clean and stocked with fresh food. Remove any unneeded objects from the kitchen and thoroughly clean the stove regularly. To attract more money, make sure that each burner on the stove works equally well. Your kitchen should be de-cluttered and should have a refreshing aura.

6. Install a Kuber Yantra in Your Residence

Lord Kuber represents wealth and prosperity, and he rules the northeast corner of your home. You should set a Kuber Yantra at this location. You should also get rid of anything that collects bad energy in your home’s northeast corner. This direction is controlled by Kuber, the God of Wealth, and should be kept in good condition to ignite the forces that generate cash flow. Create a locker room here, but make sure the locker doors open to the north. Colours such as blue or yellow should be used in this area of the house. Make sure to leave ample open space in the house, especially on the northeast side, for riches and abundance.

7. Laughing Buddha 

A Laughing Buddha is well-known for his joyful and pleasant demeanour. A Laughing Buddha, when positioned in the East direction or facing the entrance door, brings riches and good luck. A Buddha statue represents peace and harmony while also adding an exotic touch to your décor. Put it in your living room, kitchen, or yard. If you want to add aesthetic appeal to a huge room, you might place life-size pieces. Furthermore, the greater the size of the statue, the more positive energy it will attract.

8. Aquariums should be placed in the north

Giving water bodies, such as fountains or aquariums, a place in your home may be highly lucky. To improve the flow of money, place these goods at the northeast corner of the house. Keep in mind that the cleanliness and flow of the water are crucial variables that should be examined and maintained regularly. Ignoring these might lead to financial setbacks. At the entryway, place water décor elements such as a bowl of freshwater filled with flowers. Moving fishes keep good energies alive and financial stability intact. Because the movement of water indicates the flow of positive energy and prosperity, do not allow stagnant water to become an impediment.

9. Adjust the Overhead Water Tanks’ Position

Never install overhead water tanks or water storage in the southeast or northeast corner of your house. A situation like this might result in severe financial strain as well as health problems. You may also hire a Vastu Shastra professional to help you eliminate any dosh from your home. Never put a water tank above the kitchen or bedroom. Maintain the cleanliness of water tanks. Never use the same water tanks for the kitchen and the bathroom/toilets. Use separate water tanks for each use. Tanks of water should not leak.

10. Paintings and other decorative things

Paintings, artwork, showpieces, and sculptures not only enhance the aesthetic of a home, but they also have an impact on elements of life such as finance, relationships, and health. Wealth is attracted by paintings of a waterfall, a running river, or a goldfish. Hang paintings portraying an unending route, foreign currencies, flying birds, and racing motorcycles or vehicles to improve your employment prospects. Similarly, make the most of tortoise figurines, Buddha sculptures, and Ganesha idols, which are symbols of peace, harmony, and good fortune. Wind chimes hung from the ceiling invite riches into the home.

To summarise, Certain concepts established by ancient Indian philosophies can genuinely affect or activate our luck. Vastu Shastra is a widely regarded technique for not only creating a good atmosphere but also for increasing prosperity and happiness in a home. Vastu-compliant houses immediately attract favourable energy and money.